Clothespin People

Summer is coming…which means school will soon be out and there will be many little hands looking for things to do.  

With a bit of imagination, a handful of craft supplies and a maybe a little help from some bigger hands you can turn simple clothespins into little friends.   Carosel, train, lazy days and clothespin people 036

Our project supply list included:


Fabric scraps

Pipe cleaners



Popsicle sticks




Sit back and watch how your child thinks about what they want to do and then tries to figure out how to make it happen.  Step in to help with cutting or gluing or holding something in place for them.  And soon enough you will have some fun little handmade friends for them to play with!

Carosel, train, lazy days and clothespin people 040

Carosel, train, lazy days and clothespin people 042

You can get your hands "dirty" too and make them some fairy friends.   IMG_6468

Fairy friend craft supply list…


fabric scraps (cut into a rectangle for clothes)

hot glue (to glue on cap and clothes)

acorn caps (to use as hats)

acrylic paint (for faces)

felt (for wings)

This little project can be done with the help of little kiddos by letting them pick out their favorite colors, etc.  Of course older kids can do this project on their own, or you can make them as a special surprise to take along on a road trip or to give as a gift.   IMG_6462

This little one is ready for a ride in the pocket of a little bag… IMG_6504

There you have it…with a little bit of imagination you've busied eager hands, had some fun and made new friends!!  

PS.  This is a fun project to do with lots of little hands all at the same time.  It's so interesting to see how each child comes up with different ideas!  

Post by Jane : Buzzmills

  • hipbabyclothes

    These look perfect, I wouldn’t mind having one like that! Nice pics too!