Happy Birthday Honest to Nod!


Our blog, Honest to Nod, is celebrating its 1st Birthday today! We've had a fantastic year sharing design tips, scrumptious recipes, arts & crafts, family activities and much more.        Many thanks to all of our designers and contributors who have helped make Honest to Nod so wonderful.

In honor of the festivities, we're offering one lucky reader a $100 Land of Nod gift card. All you have to do is comment below on what has been your favorite Honest to Nod post. Be sure to comment by 12 p.m. CST Friday July 13th and we'll announce the winner shortly after. Giveaway closed:

Congratulations to Amy Anderson! 

"Happy Bday! I loved steps to setting up a nursery, perfect as we are expecting:)"

  • Amanda H.

    The Global Influences post was my fav!

  • http://tytto-tuollainen.blogspot.com Alarwyn

    Oh, Happy Birthday Honest to Nod! I’m so glad to have found your blog so early on, it’s been such an inspiration!

    Favorite post… SO hard to choose! I love the whole Try This – FIC -feature, the projects are simple and colorful and so inspiring… I always feel like trying them out right here and there!

  • Leigh

    I love seeing how you did the fun wallscapes in the catalogs, the string and the umbrellas.

  • Clotilde

    Happy Birthday Honest to Nod!
    It’s so difficult to choose…I’m a fan of all your “craft and activities”.
    But I have to say, I was touched by “Baby’s first year in 52 photos”… My son (named Eliott 😉 is turning one this summer and we have so many pictures of him…I think make this book for grandparents could be a brillant idea!

  • http://momcoloredglasses.com Maggie

    I loved the DIY on fabric covered plastic cup lights by Taylor Made. So adorable! So doable! So fantastic all around! Happy Birthday Honest to Nod!

  • Kate

    Pick a favorite?!? If I had to narrow it down, it’d be anything from Sarah Culbertson or Raechel Myers. Love love love this blog and Land of Nod–thank you and happy birthday!

  • http://www.callieannephotography.com Callie

    hmmm…just found this blog and it looks fantastic so my fave post is this one! :)

  • http://profile.typepad.com/vanessapeterson Vanessa Peterson

    The Sarah Culbertson post was my favorite! Happy Birthday!

  • Camille Hatcher

    My favorite was when you showed how to make the quilted banners. Love them.

  • Lindy Gordon

    Happy birthday, Honest to Nod!

    I loved the post on DIY dollhouses… I’m working on one for my daughter’s third birthday! Love, love, love your blog. Always inspirational and fun to read.

  • Shakira

    Happy Birthday, my Nursery thanks you!

  • Monica Pinedo

    I wasn’t aware there was a blog so I’m starting off as a new fan. Excited to see what are fun tips you bring my way. HBD!

  • Michelle douglas-meyer

    I’ve pinned a bunch – the water blob and the craft letters, but I’m dying to try the moon painting you just posted!

  • Ann Long

    Happy Birthday!! I love all the decorating/crafting ones – especially ones that give ideas on how to decorate in our kids’ rooms!! I love LON.

  • http://justem.typepad.com emily (justem)

    Yay! I’ve been reading for pretty much the whole time. Love all your fun ideas, recipes, and especially the room/decor posts!! I had to search for it, but this was one of my all time favorites:


    We now have a star at our house. 😉
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Heather

    Happy Birthday!!! My favorite post brought me some new ideas for decorating my daughter’s room:) We are moving from the “little girl” room to “I’m almost a teenager and soon off to college” look! We chose turquoise, red, and yellow with zebra print bedding. It looks fabulous, but we are still in need of accents – the “Not Just for Boys” post helped give us ideas for wall and shelving accents. Love it:)

  • http://www.facebook.com cathy adams

    this one. but all are interesting!!

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite was the Easter Terrarium post. This was such a cute idea and I love terrariums.

  • http://thepocketchronicles.blogspot.com Kristina Larson

    I liked “Baby Steps to Building a Nursery…” an activity that’s absorbed a lot of our time and money the past few months!

  • Jessica

    Happy Birthday! I love all the blog posts, but find the nursery decorating ones the most interesting!

  • lexy

    i’m new to land of nod. first day! i’m expecting my first baby next month and i’m officially addicted to your site/products!

  • Jenn Hahn

    Graphic Stencil Wall Tutorial

    As a “design challenge” person, this quick and easy to read tutorial was an excellent read for me. I understood the directions from start to finish and feel inspired to start on my space! The adorable animated pictures at the end bring joy and warmth to the blog entry. Thanks for doing an awesome job!

  • angela

    HBD! I’m just now finding out about this blog. I look forward to reading it and getting inspired!

  • Barbra Stevens

    Happy Birthday! This is a crazy great blog!!

    My kids would say the finger paint printmaking is the family favorite, but I just LOVE the images…so well styled and beautiful.

    Looking forward to the next year(s)! Thanks

  • christine cheung

    love the blog, especially the craft ideas. i have two little ones to entertain and the q-tip printmaking seems like such a fun activity for them. i will be trying that tonight!

  • http://teamfandrei.wordpress.com Amy

    I loved the printable placemat post. My son is a picky eater, too, so I loved the game approach!

  • Ann White

    I loved all of the holiday/christmas ideas that you had in the nov/dec/jan catalogs. All of the decorating ideas were awesome! my fave kids company!!

  • Adina

    i liked Eco-Friendly Moon Painting

  • Grace Mayfield

    My favorite post was the Initiative Chore Board. I have been looking for a fun interactive way to get my 3.5 year old involved in our day to day chores and this did the trick!

  • Megan

    I liked the wall stencil tutorial…really want to try that.

  • sarah munson

    My favorite posts are the party ideas! I was thrilled to find Honest to Nod. My favorite was the “Let Freedom Ring” series. Free printables are always a hit with me!!

  • Colleen

    My favorite post is “Sometimes its as simple as.” It’s a great reminder that the little things make a difference (even heart-shaped french toast bites!)


  • Melissa Bailey

    I love posts with printables or DIY ideas for kiddos. Love your blog and store!

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday!! We LOVE the watermelon granita with fresh basil – SO yummy, and a great treat for these hot summer days! Thank you!!!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/lindseymegan Lindseymegan

    We share a birthday month! Mine was July 5th! 😉 Expecting our first in September….

  • kristen!

    I loved the water blob post, and the post with the 80’s ribbon barrettes, which I am totally going to make.

  • Liz

    Happy Birthday! My favorite was the rag wreath! It’s so cute and is so fun and summery!

  • Krista

    I love all the decor and crafty posts! I especially liked the one where the accent wall was painted with the stencil. It turned out great…maybe I’ll be brave enough to try it in one of our bedrooms.

  • Claire Clarke

    I LOVE all of your stuff, especially the crafts. The pumpkin bird feeder was awesome!! Can’t get enough of Land of Nod – Happy Birthday!!!

  • Monica

    I love the story of the holiday cover. I love it when a plan comes together to create something beautiful!

  • sarah

    I just found this blog today and can’t wait to start to follow. I am about to redo my little girls room so can’t wait to start getting some fabulous ideas!

  • nilu jayasuriya

    happy B-day Nod!! I love all the arts and craft ideas..but one of my favorite tutorials is the circle knit shirt…

  • Kristen

    We loved the holiday post about making little treat bags as a countdown. We used tiny stockings and had the best time checking them each day!

  • lisa hawkes

    Id say this one…hey i do like giveawways now.

  • Shauna Valentine

    Happy 1st Birthday! One of my fav posts was “A Zig and a Zag” I am doing my daughters big girl room in the watermelon stripes bedding!

  • Belinda

    My favorite post so far has to be the Leprechaun rainbow mobile by supermommoments.com.
    Such a cute craft to do with the kiddos.

  • Chrissy Kukkonen

    My favorite was the DIY dollhouses! My three year old had such a blast making hers and it is the first thing she shares with every new guest that comes in her bedroom. Happy Birthday and thanks for the wonderfully inspiring ideas for the little ones!

  • Tulie

    Loved the wall stencil tutorial! Going to try it out in the baby’s nursery.

  • Omar

    The post on mini fabric lamps was a favorite.

  • Beth

    Happy birthday!! I loved the post about the napkin wall! I have had it bookmarked for quite a while. I’m waiting to find the perfect bedding then doing the napkin wall:).

  • Kelly

    The free Thank you Postcards posted back in December 2011. We use them all the time.

    Happy Birthday

  • http://www.ezbabyonline.com Sami

    Picking just one is the equivalent of asking me to choose my favorite child!!! :)

    Happy Birthday Honest to Nod! I’ve tremendously enjoyed reading all the posts over the year! I’m going to pick this post as my favorite because it celebrates your fantastic posts of recipes, projects, decor and entertainment ideas! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to and a big grin when I see my inbox!

  • Ruby

    Have loved every post! But the baby shower brunch ideas were very inspiring and very timely :-).

  • Andrea

    Happy Birthday!
    My favorite post was the one on the vintage handkerchief bunting. My four year old and I hung one over her bedroom windows, it looks beautiful!

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Land of Nod!

  • Terry Williamson

    All of the recipes are awesome, but I especially loved the Watermelon Granita with Fresh Basil. I CANNOT get enough of it!

  • Constance

    My favorite post so far has been the one on baking soda ornaments. I have done salt dough, but never baking soda. It’s wonderful to find new things.

  • Laine

    Really liked the Initiative Chore Board. Can’t wait until my kid is a little older to try it!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/erinajackman Erinajackman

    Love the blog. So many neat ideas. I just completed the canvas silhouette project for my son’s room. It turned out great!

  • Eugenia

    Loved the tape luggage – such a clever decorative idea!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/motheringnaomi MotheringNaomi

    Happy Birthday Honest to Nod Blog!!! I’m a newbie here too and I’ve recently started ordering small bits and pieces for my daughter’s room. Love the brand and love the blog. So far I can’t say that I have one and only one favorite post, but I do enjoy the Family Life section loads! So many refreshing ideas to try out with my own brood. Fingers are crossed.

  • Kris

    So many great recipe ideas. Really enjoyed the refreshing watermelon drink!

  • lillian

    Happy birthday! tough choice, but I liked the initiative chore board idea and used a variation for my daughter’s chore chart.

  • Trish

    I heart your blog! I really inspired by your crafts for kids! Especially love your recent post about ribbon barretts, so love the 80’s! Thank you so much for your creative blog!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/mjennifer1 Jennifer M.

    My favorite was a recipe for a gorgeous apple tart last fall. I will ‘fess up that I still haven’t made it but the I pinned it to try this fall when apples are at their peak.

  • Aly Funk

    I love the Canvas Silhouettes blog post. It’s such a fun idea and pretty easy even for a wannabe crafter like myself. 😉 Happy Birthday!

  • Jessica James

    Happy First Birthday!!! Absolute favorite post has to be “My Favorite Palette” I look at that post and dream about what my house would look like if I could do as I please, without my husband and his bland taste. I of course love the “bookcase dollhouse” and so does my daughter!

  • Carey Huyser

    We love the crafts and activities ideas! It’s fun family time for us!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/sarakarzreid Sarakarzreid

    My favorite post is the one about clothespin people from May 23 of this year. I had forgotten how much I liked to make them as a kid. Now they’re on my rainy day to-do list for the kids. Keep up the great work!

  • Shanna Steinbach

    The quilted banner was pretty great :)

  • mary

    Loved the bookcase turned dollhouse! So whimsical!

  • Amy Hill

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog. My favorite was the creations with sand and sea-shells you did…great and awesome ideas all around!

  • Eugena

    This blog has been such a ray of sunshine in my life! Can’t believe it has been around for an entire year. I love all of the photographs and design ideas. Enjoyed the pumpkin bird feeder post :-).

  • rebecca

    HBD! I love the tape luggage post!

  • Natalie

    Love this blog – my favorite posts would have to be the yarn-wrapped letters blogs and the DIY bookcase dollhouse. Such great ideas!!!

  • Akila Sreedharan

    Love the blog, especially the arts and crafts section. Will definitely be trying out the moon painting – how COOL!

  • Sharon Barnes

    I enjoyed the Hipstamatic DIY from 2/12. Love to win the gift card for one of my children.

  • rachel l.

    happy birthday! always inspired by your decorating posts – love the graphic stencil wall tutorial. can’t wait to try it in my pantry. xo!

  • http://www.livethefancylife.com Jessica

    Happy birthday lovely shop! I really enjoyed the wall stencil tutorial since I am hoping to do that soon to our powder room along with a thousand other DIY home projects.

  • Katie

    I like wall stencil tutorial…such a fun alternative to wallpaper!

  • erin

    how do i pick a favorite?!? i actually really loved the recent wall stencil tutorial post. absolutely gorgeous.

  • Amy S.
  • heather cobb

    Baby’s First Year in 52 photos! But it’s so hard to pick just one fav. Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Jessica

    There have been a couple of favorites these past few months but the one that I am dying to whip up is the Mini Fabric Lamps (string lanterns) because I have all of the materials…I’m just waiting for a rainy day (aren’t we all?!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://www.cuetheconfetti.com Carrie // cue the confetti

    My favorite blog was the “Decorated Kraft Paper Letters”. I have it pinned on Pinterest and I hope some day to make it! I love this blog and all the cute crafty ideas that you share!!!

  • Marci B

    My favorite so far was Becca’s chocolate ganache tart from back in April. Yum! http://blog.landofnod.com/honest-to-nod/2012/04/chocolate-ganache-tart-w-shortbread-crust-.html

  • Dana VanderLaan

    Happy Birthday! My favorite post is the goat cheese and fresh herb pasta and of course the 2012 preview!

  • Cari

    My favorite post was the one about making “year boxes” from April. Great way to look back and reflect on the past year!

  • Gabriela

    Please, dont make me choose!!! I’m really itching to do the yarn wall, but my favorite
    one, and i’ve got all the pictures in my inspiration file is global influences.

  • Carrie Vasquez

    I really enjoyed the baby steps to building a nursery…I just love your product lines…they are creative and unique, esp. the art selection. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    I love all of the room inspiration posts. I especially liked the Bold and Bright Circus room ideas.

  • melissa

    I love the wall stencil tutorial, and plan to use it on my daughter’s room!

  • http://www.bigdandme.com Big D & Me

    I liked the clothespin people and the 100 Ideas for summer – but honestly this blog has tons of great posts all the time.

  • Janet Schneider

    HBD! Loved the Pirate Cove in the Nautical Kids Room, 3 Ways!

  • Tana

    Loved the DIY dollhouses!

  • Christie C

    Happy birthday! I love all the DIY craft tutorials, but one that really came at an appropriate time was the Soother Fairy post last year. We were getting ready to bid farewell to my daughter’s pacifier around that time, and the idea was so cute that we decided to go with it!

  • Kristin

    We love the travel bingo cards we made from a post way back when. It has helped us survive many, many car trips!

  • Shelly

    Love this blog! I’ve been following for awhile, but I loved the the recent post about foodcoloring with vinegar and baking soda. It was perfect for my son. Love land of nod!

  • Caroline

    I love the post on DIY dollhouses – my Dad made me one when I was little and now I’m doing one for my daughter!

  • Jen

    The In-Flight Airplane Favors post… Priceless.

  • Heather Good

    I always enjoy all of your posts, here, on the blog, and also on Pinterest. The craft section is one of my favorites. I was also delighted to read your article on grey as the new neutral. We recently painted our bedroom grey; it pairs beutifully with many hues. I especially love the combo of grey with red. Happy Birthday, Honest to Nod!

  • Rebecca Bitti

    Happy Birthday Nod!

  • Esther M

    Oh, I loved the paper mache posting bowl posting, the pictures were fabulous and the product is cute and useful! This is still on my TO CREATE list, but it will certainly happen in our home!


    Happy 1st birthday, Hones to Nod blog is one of my favorites! :)


  • http://www.2boys2girls-thepainterfamily.blogspot.com Tara

    i just love love love the bookcase dollhouse post! dreamy and doable…my kinda project.

  • M

    Q-tip printmaking! such a fun craft.

  • Celine

    Loved the homemade dollhouses! We made mini-ones with school milk containers in my classroom!

  • Candace

    Every post has been a hit in my book, but I really enjoyed some of the recipes, particularly the watermelon refresher.

  • Lili

    Loved the bookcase-into-dollhouse post.

  • YS

    Spooktacular Halloween Party! Such fun ideas!

  • Moriah

    The half apron tutorial is on my “to-do” list…love your craft ideas!

  • Rene

    Loved the gluten-free mac-n-cheese recipe, so delicious!!

  • Veronique Renfro

    Sloppy Joes without the Manwich! Love your recipes, please post more!

  • Kristanna Nikitaras

    Homemade granola in less then an hour! My 3 year old daughter loves to bake and we used to eat boxed granola as dessert almost every night. This recipe is now a weekly staple. My little girl knows the ingredients and amounts and assembles it all while I put the baby down for a nap, and then we mix, bake and break up the granola together. Making a double batch gives us a weeks worth, and she looks forward to our “cooking” time together. Although I do love anything by Sarah Culbertson- definitely one of my style soulmates!

  • Marnie

    My favorite was the recipe from Oct. 2011, the Good Old Fashioned Pumpkin Bread. This is the best BEST best recipe, my kids LOVE IT! Happy Birthday HtN!!

  • http://averyandaugustine.com Michelle
  • Cordelia Herbert

    Loved the Halloween centerpiece.

  • Emilie Jara

    Canvas silhouettes!! Love love love and can’t wait to try!

  • Bridge Riles

    I enjoy all of your posts that are DIY crafts. The photo tray was extremely cool!

  • Guadalupe C

    Happy Birthday, Nod! I liked your blog entry on the napkin wall.

  • Angela Love

    Red Birthday Party! Such great ideas, and I was able to incorporate a few in my own party.

  • Tina Baliff

    Love your recipes. Thanks for the lighter Apple Crisp!

  • Enid G

    The yarn wall was a fun idea I hadn’t seen before…

  • Laureen H

    Chocolate Ganache Tart!!

  • Virginia W.

    “Room Decor Math” from April 2012 was a favorite of mine :-).

  • Larita S.

    I really liked the drink umbrella wall decoration. Such a gorgeous and playful display of color. Wish I had a little girl at home, need an excuse to try this out!

  • Ardath J.

    The thumb print V-day cards were cute and something I was able to do with my 1-yr-old!

  • Arletta K

    I enjoyed “A Trip Down Memory Lane” because of the lovely photographs.

  • Suki Seure

    I loved the no-sew tutu!

  • Marvel A

    Love the Chore Board from June.

  • Yong B

    Dying to try the Rhubarb Strawberry Shortcakes! Your recipes always looks so delish but this elegant summer desert deserves a bookmark!

  • Annabelle Branum

    Ohhh the watermelon granita…

  • Antonia Eisenman

    The clothespin people were too cute!

  • Jennifer Lorenzen

    Happy Birthday!! My favorite post is the DIY dollhouse made with a bookshelf. After seeing it, I created one for my daughter who loves it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • http://www.icrossmyart.blogspot.com Amy Anderson

    Happy Bday! I loved steps to setting up a nursery, perfect as we are expecting:)

  • Livivua Chandler

    i like the january post for Teacher Appreciation Gift – Class Book of Love – it was really a treat for my daughter’s teacher

  • Mari

    I loved the paper umbrella wall decoration. that’s when i discovered “honest to nod” and i have been addicted to this site since then.

  • http://www.moomama.com Olivia

    Happy Birthday Honest to Nod! I am so glad I came across this blog. It is definitely one of my faves! I love the Girls Clothes post (with the skirt and monogrammed shirt). I hope to make it for my girls in the future!

  • http://servingpinklemonade.blogspot.com Jeanine

    I like the qtip print making… something I am going to try with my boys!

  • Ariel Laughton

    I loved the post about putting together a playroom. I am dying to get the Nod table with the adjustable legs for ours!

  • Kelsey Mackenzie

    Love everything! Especially the craft ideas – that drink umbrella wall was truly inspired!

  • Rea Hillman

    I really liked the cup sphere from Dec. It was so colorful and fun!

  • Lesli Sudbury

    Loved the Thank You postcards! Still using them :-).

  • Leanora Chesbrough

    I collect snickerdoodle recipes. so I bookmarked your wonderful one!

  • Estefana Dearson

    Love your recipes, Honest to Nod! The pecan blondies were out of this world!

  • Lynn D.

    Chase Away the Rainy Day Blues was hands down my favorite post (dec. 2011)!

  • Sena

    I liked your post on affording organics.

  • Oretha C.

    Moxie Bombs!! Such a fun snack.

  • Vickey Ennen

    More recipes please! I love em all, esp the gluten-free ones (gluten free waffles were awesome).

  • Allene F.

    I really like all of your design/color ideas. “Not just for boys” gave me some new ideas!

  • Blossom Galen

    Loved the Easter Bunny printables. Thank you for the free crafts!

  • Ang Konzen

    The vintage handkerchief bunting was too precious!

  • Jeana R.

    I really liked the post on Making Jelly from Violets.

  • Jenee Lindsey

    Loved the Easter Terrarium!

  • Aileen K.

    LOVED the backyard movie night post! We cannot afford to go to the movies often, nor is it fun or convenient with 4 kids under 6, so this was such a cook idea!

  • Stacy P.

    Lamp shade cut outs! My girls enjoyed this craft.

  • Blanca Teicher

    Halloween Goody Bags.

  • Jackie Toenjes

    We really liked the fabric swatch hoops decor. It was just the right touch for our nursery.

  • Rochel B.

    Homemade granola (in less than an hour!), yum!

  • Lashaunda Geise

    Hand painted pumpkins! We are definitely trying this out this Autumn.

  • Faith D.

    I really like your party ideas! The bubble party and mermaid party are my faves.

  • Clare Enderson

    The How to make Goo tutorial rescued us on a rainy day! LOL

  • Jay Fuchs

    The nursery dresser turned bookshelf was great – now of only IKEA would restock those spice racks! :-(

  • Isobel C.

    I loved the vintage ruler wall decor.

  • Easter H.

    Seashell jewelry! One of the earlier posts, but one of my favorites.

  • Jenn Nahm

    I can’t wait to try the candycane soap (one of these days, these kids will grow up and allow me to get crafty, right??).

  • Flor F.

    The superhero cape tutorial was cute!

  • Hanh G.

    I enjoyed reading your post on DIY Bobby Pins. Hope you will do more DIY crafts.

  • Latoria Bell

    Recycles candle DIY was one of my most beloved posts!

  • Annika Chhoun

    I like all of your posts – from recipes, to design and decor ideas, to crafts. The car seat strap covers were really cute.

  • Augustina G.

    3D paper pictures.

  • Kris Haughney

    I loved the woven milk crate! Always looking for new storage ideas :-).

  • Malena Wrisley

    Thanks for all the great craft ideas, HOnest to Nod! I liked the cup sphere!

  • Dianna Majercik

    The Branch Ribbon Decor was awesome!

  • Chasity Frady

    Loved the Merry Marshmallows!

  • Wan Swaner

    More recipes, please! Loved the gluten-free waffles.

  • Connie Breining

    Painting with squirt guns! Can’t wait to do this with the boys.

  • Ebony P.

    I liked the eco-friendly moon painting. So creative!

  • Hillary Busque

    Crayon Bats was adorable and such a cool idea.

  • Jen H.

    I loved the watermelon drink!

  • Tasha

    My favorite post has been the DIY canvas silhouette. I did one for my little girl and it turned out great.

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