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stacy h

my daughter and son share a room. we had to put bunks in because it is so small. to create their space i put a two shelf thing with hooks over the dresser- each gets a shelf. and created more of 'their' space on their beds. put up a letter for their name, a bracket to hold books and their nightlight, a piece of art and then a few stuffed animals/pillows. they love it!

Dina @ Honey + Fitz

I love this post! This is a real issue for a lot of parents trying to make space constraints work for them in urban areas. I did a similar post on how to create shared (but separate) spaces on my blog using things like color, architecture, etc to divide and keep everyone happy.



This post is so helpful! Now, if only the store website offered a "girl/boy coordinated" section for easy viewing. Trying to see what might work together by clicking between the girl and boy sections is less than ideal.

Danielle Kurtz

Good point about the website categorization, we'll definitely see if there's something we can do there. In the meantime, if you need help putting a look together, let me know. I'd be happy to help.
Danielle, Creative Director @ Nod

Ria | Bedroom accessories India

Hi.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea about the necessary items which need to be present in the kid's room. I think that young kids have lot of creativity and imagination. They spend most of the time in creative things but they are less aware of neatness and cleanliness. Hence they should be taught perfectly about keeping the living room clean!

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