DIY Magnetic Car Mural


Whattya need?

  • Wall-mounted magnetic strip
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Metal toy cars* (toy driver’s license not needed) 


How do I make a Magnetic Car Mural?

Step 1: Screw the mounting plate for the magnetic strip to wall.

Step 2: Lock magnetic strip onto mounting plate.


Step 3: Attach metal cars to magnetic strip, arranging them by color if desired.


 *We used very old cars, the new ones aren't really made of metal that's magnetic

  • Mindy

    Where can I find the magnetic wall strip shown in the picture?

  • Cynthia

    LOVE the car mural and would love to do this in my son’s room. Where do we find the wall mounted magnetic strip shown in the picture? I’ve looked online and only seem to find the kind used for kitchen knives. Would love to know where you found it!

  • Francesca

    What’s the answer, please? Where do we find the magnetic strip?

  • Katie @ Nod

    Hi, they’re magnetic knife strips from ikea. Thanks!

  • Beth@AtoZ

    This is so cute! Did you need to glue magnets to each car though to get it to work for all toy cars? Very few toy cars these days are made with metal that will “magnetize” since they are not made from steel or iron but rather cheap alloy metals or stainless steel.

  • Peggy

    Where did you get your cars or did you apply magnets? Even our old matchbox cars from the 60’s don’t work with on magnetic strips (I’ve tried! I really appreciate any info you can offer because this is definitely NOT an inexpensive project. Once again thank you!

  • Maureen

    I think you glued those cars to the magnet strip for the photo-styling. The cars in the picture aren’t the same as the ones in the how-to pics.

  • Katie @ Nod

    Hi Maureen – nope we didn’t glue the cars – the tutorial was shot outside of the catalog shoot, so that’s why the cars are different. Thank you.

  • Cynthia

    So, a follow up to Peggy’s comment. Did you apply magnets to the cars in order to get them to stick to the magnet strip or did they stick to the magnet strip without magnets glued to them?

  • Sarah Kate Branine

    This is such a fantastic idea. I absolutely love it and wish there was a way to use ordinary matchbox cars. I went to IKEA to purchase the knife strips– but they are $13 a piece and I needed 32, if I am going to make the exact mural above :( I can’t exactly afford $416 in magnetic knife strips–wish I could though, ha! I tried going to Lowes for strips of sheet metal and I found a 24″ x 24″ piece for $10.98– I was ECSTATIC until I found out that they (and Home Depot) cannot cut sheet metal in the store. I ended up buying a magnetic board from IKEA– it’s white and about 18″ x 36″ approximately and my plan was to glue on magnets to the matchbox cars and then put the cars in a cross shape, to mimic the idea above. I wanted this to be a functional art piece too– I wanted my son to still be able to play with the cars. I purchased 5/8″ round magnets and found out that when you glue them on the underside of the car, it makes the car unable to roll. Sad for little boys :( My plan is to try a tiny magnet and see if that solves the problem. Like I said, this is such a fun idea– just wish it could happen at a cost LESS THAN $416 and with normal matchbox cars, not just the magnetic vintage ones. Hope this helps those of you with questions!

  • Janai belcherJcbelcher

    What a cool project….but can it be recreated?? And at what cost? It’s misleading not to include info about the cars. Where would one fine that many vintage cars?some are saying cars from the 60s aren’t working…so vintage cars are required. I can’t imagine what that would cost!
    Even the track would be expensive to get. I think this would be a great “brag post”, because it is really neat! But it’s misleading for others to think they can recreate it for their spaces at a reasonable cost.

  • Tiffany

    Help! I was just in the process of researching this to re-create it. Love that the post have figured out where to buy the magnetic strips (needed to go to Ikea for another project) however any more updates or answers on how to get current matchbox cars to stick? Is there magnetic tape or something by 3M that might be thin and still stick??

    Redoing out playroom and I can’t wait to add this to the walls!

  • The Monko

    this is such an awesome idea.
    I tried displaying my son’s cars like this and it turns out most of them have plastic undercarriages and won’t stick to a magnet – gutted!
    Still yours looks amazing.

  • cheap football jerseys

    Hi Maureen – no we don’t glue car – this tutorial stabbed outside shot directory, so that is why car is different. thank you

  • BMC Castle Bromwich

    I think it would be nifty to build a magnetic mural of a car out of cars! Otherwise, this is a really nice idea. Would love to do this when I get a place of my own.

  • sharon

    This would be a neat project to start and let grow in an organic fashion. The magnet bars are expensive, but a couple at a time would not be too painful. My brother collects “old” toys and this would be a fun way to display some of them.

  • Anne

    Has anyone tried to paint the underside of the cars with magnetic paint? Not sure if that would hold it, but I thought I’d throw the idea out there…

  • Debbie

    This is genius! Thank you!

  • Ashuntington

    I did my best to re-create. We scaled it down to fit above my son’s bed and I used wooden boards and velcro to attach the cars.

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  • Joe

    If you want small magnets in moderate bulk (1-100 per pack depending on size) fairly cheap for projects like this, try and search for “NdFeb” (neodymium/iron/boron)
    Shipping takes forever, but the prices are hard to beat.

  • taratodd

    SOOO awesome!