DIY Halloween Hair Clips

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DIY Halloween Hair Clips

This project came directly out of nowhere. I had every intention of making normal, everyday hair clips for Sister. The day I started the DIY Halloween hair clip project was the same day we’d pulled the Halloween box out of storage, and somehow those pesky spiders snuck their way into my project.

For this project you’ll need to grab some hot glue (not with your bare hands…ouch), ribbon, plastic spider or bat rings and a gaggle of naked alligator clips. Using the hot glue, cover the clips with ribbon. Then cut the critters off the plastic rings and glue ’em onto the clips. And you’re done. Making them is actually easier than convincing your preschooler to wear them.

DIY Halloween Hair Clips 2

Doesn’t she look overjoyed about wearing her new hair accessory? Good thing I didn’t even attempt to comb her hair, or her happiness would be unbearable. 😉

Happy Crafting!


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  • Krystal

    Awesome idea! This is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit without spending a lot, and that I like!

  • Bonnie

    These hair clips are lovely!!