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Monster Grocer

I was recently browsing Pinterest looking for party favor ideas for my annual Halloween dinner party, and I came across the very clever Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, East London’s premier purveyor of everyday goods for the living, dead and undead. According to their website, they stock a pharmacopoeia of different types of fear, a complete range of edible human preserves and everyday household essentials like Fang Floss and Zombie Mints. Sort of reminds me of this book, which is one of my favorite Halloween picture books.

I wish I could visit their store — but I’m afraid I don’t get to London much (or ever!) I fell quickly in love with the entire, clever concept of it, and if I ever have a monster supply store (you know, because there is such a big market for it), I would do it exactly like this.

Monster Grocer 2

Monster Grocer 3

Even cooler, the Monster Supply shop is really just a front for the Ministry of Stories, a volunteer organization (partially funded by sales from the Monster Supplies) that assists young people in writing stories and provides workshops and one-to-one mentoring from adult writers. Neat-o, right?!

Monster Grocer 4

Back to the Monster Supplies… the packaging is totally polished and so clever I could just die! You really have to read the labels; they are so well written and will crack you up. Everything is so completely thought out and perfectly executed. It makes me wish I was a monster and needed some Fang Floss!

Monster Grocer 5

And how cute is this?

Monster Grocer 6

Monster Grocer 7

Each year I have a tough time finding the perfect party favors for my Halloween party — I want something that is somehow spooky but still fitting for a more sophisticated event. Most of the traditional Halloween favor ideas are too cutesy or childish.

The first year that I did my now annual All Hallow’s Eve dinner party, we gave out these hard-backed Frankenstein and Dracula books — Barnes and Noble used to sell cloth-bound miniatures of the classics that were the perfect size and price to be a party favor. We have also given the Ghost playing cards, a metal candle snuffer and in more recent years I have opted for making something homemade like the poisonous lip balms from 2009.

So clearly I was giddy to see the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, which are pretty much a gold mine of classy but frightful party favor ideas. Which Monster Supply is your favorite??

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