DIY Paper Mache Moon


Whattya need?

  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • Chicken wire or similar wire mesh
  • Wire cutters
  • String
  • Paint tray


How do I make a Paper Mache Moon?

Step 1: Start by slightly bending your piece of chicken wire into a curved side on one end and an “open,” unbent side at the other. 


Step 2: Crease the individual wires at the bottom of the curved side towards the middle so the curve is narrow at the bottom and wide in the middle. 


Step 3: Grownups only. Cut the piece of wire at the middle along the width. Start from the open side and stop a few inches before reaching the curved side. Don’t cut all the way across.


Step 4: Pull the two halves apart slightly to separate all of the cut ends. Leave connected at the bottom.


Step 5: Bend and fold the two halves of the wire into a crescent shape, with narrow ends and a wide middle. 


Step 6: Grownups only. Cut off any excess pieces of wire. 


Step 7: Tie a piece of string tightly around an individual wire near the top of the crescent. This string will be used for hanging, so make sure it’s never obstructed and isn’t too long or too short. 


Step 8: Tear up the newspaper into long, thin strips. Pour a generous amount of glue into the paint tray and dip the strips into the glue. 


Step 9: Adhere the strips onto the wire crescent until it is covered completely. You may want to cover it with more than one layer. 


Step 10: Wait for the glue to dry completely, preferably overnight. Then, paint, decorate and hang however and wherever you’d like.  




  • DeAngela Morgan

    I thank you so very much for posting this DIY.I have been scouring the web ever since I seen this on NOD looking for where to purchase this design or something like it. So thank you!