Painted Leaf Napkin Rings


Last year for Thanksgiving, my daughter and I made a garland out leaves that we painted gold. Apparently this activity made quite an impression on her because she recently asked me when we were going to "paint the leaves." Apparently this is an annual event akin to carving pumpkins and decorating the Christmas tree.

Although this year, I thought we'd try something new with our painted leaves: napkin holders.


We started by taking a walk to the park and collecting leaves along the way. Once home, we assembled some clothespins, gold paint and paint brushes.


We painted both the leaves and the clothespins in two coats of gold paint.


We let everything dry and then placed the leaves inside of heavy books overnight in order to flatten them.


The next day, I used a glue gun to place glue on the clothespins and attach each to a leaf.


Once the glue was completely dry, I tested our new napkin holders on a few different napkins arrangements. The design I liked the best was a napkin folded inward into a square, with all of the corners meeting in the center and the leaf holder securing the top two corners. The clothespin can also be used to hold a place card.

Post by Julee : Warm Hot Chocolate