Who’s That Noddie?


Ever wonder who the awesome people are behind the scenes at The Land of Nod? (Our moms told us we were awesome…so yeah we are going with it.) If the answer is yes, then today is your lucky day! 

Today begins the blog series Who’s That Noddie? We are going to be chatting it up with some of the fantastic employees of The Land of Nod to tell you about their roles, and some super cool fun facts about them, too! I mean do you really think we can work in a place where there are speedster races around cubicles, and take ourselves too seriously? This is a no suit and tie place folks! Get ready for some laughs and some impressive brain power! 

Mmm..who should we start with? Ok…let's start with me!


My name is Lauren Baker and I am the product manager assistant for textiles at The Land of Nod. (aka…guru of all things rugs, bedding and soft seating). I love my job because I get to partner with every team at Nod on a daily basis, and I get to work with the textiles team to bring some of the best textiles EVER to our customers! 

What gets you up in the morning?

That would be Lola, my 5-year-old English Bulldog. You think all bulldogs are lazy? Think again. Lola can go on three-mile runs with me. She also loves waking me up daily with a bark that sounds like no other. She's my soul mate in life, and I wouldn't trade her for the world!


Lola “smiling”on The Land of Nod Medallion Rug.

Whats your favorite Nod memory?

That’s a tough one! I would have to say attending Alt Summit 2013! Being part of that week with a team from Nod, was one of the greatest weeks of my career! It was so fun talking with artists and bloggers about their work and our company! (and hey…we had a swan boat in our tea party lounge…that was basically better then Christmas Day for this 33 year old!) 


With the ever popular swan boat at Alt Summit. 

Where were you before Nod?

Canada eh?! I was living in Vancouver, BC for a great work opportunity. Loved that experience so much, but I'm a Midwest girl at heart and was over the moon to have an opportunity to be offered a position in merchandising at The Land of Nod!


Beautiful Vancouver, BC. Everyone must visit there.

What do you love most about working for The Land of Nod?

Although we are part of something big, it still feels like we are small! I love shooting off random ideas to Michelle, our managing director, or coming up with new processes for our merchandising team. Everyone has a voice here, and there are so many opportunities to create! 

How is your role as a Product Manager Assistant impactful to the company?

In a typical day I work with my product manager to help develop and select new product. I work with our creative team to create new packaging, product names, and website copy. I also communicate with customer service to make sure they have all the detailed information for our customers. Plus, I work with the photo studio to make sure everything gets photographed for the website and catalog (and that’s all before 10:00am!). I keep the wheels turning so we can keep providing the best product and service to our awesome customers!

What's your favorite Nod product?

Again with the tough questions!  Right now I would have to say it’s the baby robe and slippers. My friends are having kiddos every other day, and I think this is the best shower gift EVER! Seriously…a baby in slippers might possibly be cuter than a bulldog puppy.


Check out my little pal Milo striking a pose in a Nod bathrobe.

We hope you enjoyed our first installment of Who’s that Noddie? This will be a regular series so be sure to stop back by honesttonod.com to check out plenty more about our team at The Land of Nod in the upcoming weeks! 


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    I love you and Land of the Nod Baker!