Curtain Rod Hunting!

As we set about the task of designing our 6-year-old's bedroom, I knew I really wanted to keep things kind of clean and natural, with lots of layered, juvenile elements to make it feel like his. Really, I just wanted it to ooze boy and childhood and adventure! We managed to accomplish the natural element with a raw pine floor and a wool, flokati rug – but I wanted the earthy vibe to extend up the walls. So? One day after lunch, I grabbed a handsaw and a measuring tape and took the kids hunting!

We have a good bit of woods behind our house, and though I'm sure they were far more excited about fishing with their bare hands in the stream (no success, but lots of splashing!) and swinging over the little river on a rope swing (Oliver's favorite!), I did manage to hone their attention when I pointed out a particularly long, straight branch and suggested we haul it home with us for a project.

 photo carrying.jpg

I had already chosen a pair of silver rock finials for the window treatment, so really it was just a matter of cutting the stick down to size, drilling some holes into the ends, and screwing the finials into place. I ordered some pole brackets from Amazon and two bright green curtains from The Land of Nod.

 photo stickcurtainrodinprogress.jpg

 photo stickcurtainrodready.jpg

It really took very little time, and I love how Oliver's boyish, nature-y room has the memory of a fun afternoon in the woods holding his curtains above his window.

 photo takehimhuntingforhiscurtainrod.jpg

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