Hexagons + Hippopotami

 photo hexagonsandhippopotami.jpg

Hello, again! I can't wait to share the full reveal of Oliver's room redo soon, but today I wanted to share one more simple project that made a fun, creative difference as the final details came together! We had one wall in Oliver's room what was just sort of empty. We didn't need any more furniture, and we already had plenty of artwork on the walls. It didn't need to be anything, but as I thought about it, I saw that open wall space as an opportunity to give my guy a special space to play and display his toys at his eye level. I used two honeycomb shelves from The Land of Nod, and a couple of chalkboard wall decals I had leftover from our Family Business Wall project in the kitchen. It was a simple trace, cut and tape job, but adding the chalkboard detail to the back of two of the shelves added a little bit of interest and a whole lot of fun!

honeycomb shelf with chalkboard back

We put a hook by the door for him to hang his jacket, and a small play chair next to the bottom bunk to serve as a nightstand. I filled all the little shelves with different toys Oliver loves, and then hung one of our favorite chalkboard decal/posters on the wall to repeat the chalkboard theme. [Okay, testimony time: those vinyl posters are amazing. I had a very frustrating experience last week where I found the one I'd hung above Oliver's top bunk literally cumpled up in his garbage can, all stuck together and wrinkled (long story, and it involves Hazel and a miscommunication among siblings…), but I was super impressed when I was able to peel and un-crumple it all back open and reapply it to the wall good. as. new. Cray.]

 photo bunnyandrobot.jpg photo truckandshelves.jpg

honeycomb shelves / chalkboard decals / knuffle bunny / Science Alphabet Decal 

bocce balls / hippo / giraffes / Q&A for Kids 

monster pillow / silver chair / globe ball / ice bat 

Under the Stars poster / log pillow

Have a happy Tuesday, friends!

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