Charlotte’s Room

Charlotte's Room-01

As soon as we bought our home, I started dreaming up a plan for my daughter's room. You might remember my inspiration board here. I really underestimated the time it would take to give her room a complete transformation…so my progress felt very slow. But at long last, it's done! 

We are absolutely thrilled with the completed project! I deviated from my original plan when I decided to install the beautiful play tent and ditch the wallpaper. I wanted the wallpaper at first, because a) it's darling and b) the one wall was heavily damaged and I didn't know if I'd be able to repair it. A quick lesson in sheetrock repair from my dad and I was able to save the wall. Hooray! Once the tent came into the picture, I wanted the walls to be a little more colorful so the tent would stand out. 

So here we are. I painted the room, added some vinyl hearts for an accent wall, and then the fun began. I arranged and re-arranged the furniture to suit Charlotte's needs. We hung the tent, loaded the bookshelves, and settled right in. 

Charlotte's Room-02

Despite her unwillingness to have her photo taken, Charlotte really loves her room. And her brothers really love playing in her "castle" as well. The tent has become a fast favorite of the entire family. It's the best story time spot in the house; it's great for both hide-and-seek and teddy bear picnics. Charlotte and I have even fallen asleep in the tent a time or two. Some nights, after I think everyone is asleep, I'll hear whispers and see the beams of two flashlights concealed within the castle walls. It's childhood magic at it's very best.

Charlotte's Room-08

Charlotte's Room-05

Charlotte's Room-04

Charlotte's Room-03

Charlotte's Room-06

Charlotte's Room-07

Here are all the adorable Land of Nod products featured Charlotte's Room:

Handpicked knob, gold floral

Jenny Lind nightstand in Azure

Glow Lightly Table Shade

Checkmate Table Base

Bazaar Bedding

Sunburst Mirror

Head in the Clouds Pillow

Heart of Gold Wall Shelf

Mini Cloud Corkboards

Cloud Corkboard

Wee Wonderfuls Agnes Doll

Home Sweet Play Home Canopy

Gold Confetti Floor Cushion

Little Felix Chair

Bon Voyage Suitcase Set

Dotted Floor Bin

Little Sloane Leaning Bookcase

All of the artwork is from Etsy, and the bed is vintage. Stop over to my blog for more details and decorating sources along with before and after photos. I have several other DIY projects coming up for this space…so I'll share those as they're completed. Just imagine a hot pink and glittery gold play table. Fingers crossed I can pull it off!


Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on her blog, Just Call Me Chris.