Hazel Turns 4!

 photo hazelturnsfour.jpg We just love parties!

And when our baby girl (I swear she was just born!) turns four years old, it definitely merits a party!  photo fourisawesome.jpg And when I say party, I mean mommy-made crowns, cupcakes with waaay too much frosting, lots of friends and games and hopscotch mats leading out the back door.  photo hopscotch.jpg Parties mean polka dots on the walls, and birthday banners hanging from the windows. And sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles.  photo prettybirdies.jpg It means the big people get to pick iced mochas or grapefruit Perrier out of pretty-colored ice buckets and drink them from blue striped straws! And it means the little people get plenty of cold milk to wash down all that strawberry frosting.  photo IMG_6771.jpg  photo straws1.jpg Fourth birthday parties mean she makes "that face" with every present she opens, and that she really does feel that way. She feels birthday-magical.  photo happypresent.jpg And at the end of the day, it means we don't mind a bit leaving those birds she loves on the plate rack for a few extra weeks, because this sweet face has us feeling pretty grateful for four spectacular years with one remarkable little person.  photo cupcakes.jpg Happy fourth birthday, Hazel Wren! You make every day a cupcake day!

 photo sources-1.pngcupcake toppers / bird garland /  hopscotch rug /  pinwheels 

 "happy birthday" banner / favor bags /  pink and blue doily buckets  / birdies canvas

white chairs / yellow and grey suitcases / stuffed cat and dog / blue striped straws

metal "happy birthday" topper

xoxo, Raechel

Raechel Myers blogs at Finding My Feet. When she's not elbow deep in her next DIY project, you'll likely find her helping her 6-year-old with his Kindergarten homework or playing babies with her 4-year-old daughter. She lives with her husband in Franklin, TN where they can only hope to train their kiddos to love the Lord and take their dishes to the kitchen sink.